Each Generation has a Story…

Summary: We need to have a generational understanding. I can help. Generations share life experiences Generation-based seminars and workshops are available What is a generation? Typically, “a generation” consists of those born within a similar time frame who share life experiences (like pop culture, world events, economic conditions, natural disasters, and technology). We are weeks removed from the anniversary of 9/11, a significant life event that dramatically influenced multiple generations, so I thought it would be appropriate to write a series of several different generation-related topics. Why is a generational understanding important? In the workplace, four generations may work alongsi

Who am I?

Summary: My name is Michael Strawser, how can I help? I am an Assistant Professor of Communication at Bellarmine University, in Louisville Kentucky, and I am the Director of our Graduate Programs (a Master of Arts in Communication and a Master of Science in Digital Media). I started Legacy Communication Training and Consulting as a vehicle to help local Louisville organizations and regional corporations communicate and function more effectively. I can help you train employees, develop workshops and seminars related to a wide range of communication topics, and I can come into your organization and perform communication or leadership-based audits. As a communication specialist, I can offer tra

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