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Part 4: A communication consultant facilitates interventions Summary: Organizational training and professional development done well can enhance a culture and clarify misconceptions Corporate training can be dull, drab, and check-box ready. Here’s what I mean: Some organizations are quick to look at training needs and search for the path of least resistance instead of actually searching for training, and a trainer, who can help the organization in both the short and long-term. A communication consultant, or, in this case, a communication trainer should facilitate interventions that resonate with the organization’s mission and solve the corporation’s complex problems or, at the very least, mo

Part 3: A communication consultant recommends solutions

Summary: Good communication consultants listen Good communication consultants diagnose the “root” of the problem and suggest solutions accordingly If you are like me, you are quick to solve. In some ways this is a wonderful trait. The ability to “solve” is a fantastic characteristic. People who can solve problems are valuable to any organization. I believe, though, that you cannot solve problems without first diagnosing problems accurately. This means you have to listen to those in the organization. It is easy to walk into a situation, without context, and start “telling” people what to do-but good consultants listen to those around them and recommend solutions that are tailored to the organ

#Problem(s)- You are always the last to know...

Part 2: A communication consultant diagnoses problems. Summary: Communication consultants diagnose problems Communication problems are multifaceted You are always the last to know. Seriously, you are. Leaders (and managers) are usually effective because they are forward thinking. They can see problems before they happen and can implement forward-thinking strategic solutions. Sometimes, though, you may not know a problem exists. In this way, you are always the last to know. Problems can be multi-faceted. It may be that your company has survived doing the status-quo and you have stagnated. #problem It may be that your company has lost the core of its mission or vision. #problem It may be that

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