What's your message: Gen X

Summary: Xers are pragmatic and independent. They want “separate” life components (everything does not have to be blurred together). Gen X members are great. I’ve already mentioned that I am more “X” than “Y” despite my birth year but Xers just do their jobs, enjoy their free time, and have a zest for life-long balance. Gen Xers also have crazy-high expectations of both their employers and their products. They are less loyal than the Boomers and are cynical and suspicious. They are also very tech-literate but not necessarily digital natives. So, the connectedness that millennials crave is, for X, not as important or pressing. If I was messaging to a Gen X employee or consumer I would focus o

What's your message: Baby Boomers

What’s your message for the Boomers? Summary: Boomers love work. Apple is Case Study 101 at cross-generational messaging and brand strategy. Boomers love a couple of things. They love work. Most love their kids. All love their grandkids. They enjoy and yearn for gratification, instant in many cases (like millennials…). They like to spend their hard-earned money. They enjoy work. They distrust youth. So…how do “youthful” brands market to Boomers? Apple did this with fantastic swiftness. Facebook did it too. Apple became the phone for all. Boomers to millennials all recognize the inherent value of the iPhone. Apple created a product, first and foremost, that transcends generations because of i

What’s your message: Silent Generation

Summary: Silents are loyal. Millennials are not. Ask yourself how you can build brand loyalty with millennials. When I think about the “core values” of the Silent Generation or, Traditionalists, I think about a few key terms: discipline, dedication, duty, hard work, loyalty, and respect. Silents are exceptionally hard working and they always have been. While almost all are out of the workforce (I would be interested to hear if any organizations still have Silent Generation members working for them…) Silents are still purchasers, voters, and consumers of media. How, then, can “brands” or organizations continue to engage the Silent Generation? When I think about Silents vs Millennials, one of

New Series: What's your MESSAGE?

Summary: What is your message? Your “message” may not change, but the way you communicate your message to different generations certainly will evolve. What do you care about and what do you want others to know about you? There are several “buzzwords” today (millennial, by the way, is one of them…). Buzzwords are necessary because they help us think about what’s current and what’s next. One buzzword I have seen a lot recently is “message”. The “message” buzzword asks corporations, individuals and organizations, what is your message? I would ask it another way: what do you care about and what do you want others to know about you? Brand strategists are obsessed with message and narrative. Polit

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