How do we lead…?: The Silent Generation

Summary: Don’t forget about your older and more experienced employees Provide opportunities for cross-generational interaction I feel like a broken record with this, but Silents are loyal. Don’t forget about Silents or older-Boomers, they have not forgotten about you. Leaders can provide great stability for their followers when they remind them of their value and worth. In the midst of the tech-revolution, it may be hard to remember that Silents, in many ways, built what we now hold dear-at least the infrastructure. As a leader, do not allow your desire for the “new” overcome the brilliance of the past. We always need constant assessment, but we can also recognize that the “old” ways may sti

Leading Intergenerational Teams: How do we lead...?

Summary: Leadership (“study” and “assessment”) is essential. We will all lead, and follow, uniquely. If “message” is a buzzword, leadership assuredly is a buzzword-on steroids. A simple Amazon search on “leadership” will bring about over 200,000 resources. You probably don’t want to know the Google search number (cough cough- 821,000,000…). But, even if you bristle at the idea of 800,000 leadership “concepts” on Google, you can’t deny the importance of the topic today. Leadership has become not just a practical necessity, but a research imperative. Part of my issue with leadership literature is the assumption that everyone is the same. We aren’t. We are all wired uniquely. Leadership styles

What's your message: Gen Z

Summary: Gen Z members care about value. Your message should get to the point. By 2020 Gen Z will account for 40% of all consumers! My current students tend to balk a little when I remind them that they are, “technically” and according to some, members of Gen Z. In many ways that is normal. Usually the bridge population (those who could be considered members of either the generation before or after) will tend to feel a sense of an identity crisis. But, some of my younger students portray Gen Z values. Messaging to members of Gen Z, comparatively, should focus on value. They know what they want and they live in a world where they have always had easy access to fulfill their needs. The message

What’s your message: Millennials

What’s your message for Millennials? Summary: Millennials love “stories” and want to create their own narrative and be brought into a larger “global” narrative. Do not overestimate the pull of social connectedness and interdependence. Millennials love a good message and millennials love a good story. Organizations who “allow” millennials to: 1) join the organization’s narrative and 2) allow millennials to build their own narrative within the organization, have the greatest chance of retaining and attracting millennial talent. In many ways, Gen Y mirrors Gen X- extreme fun, balance, achievement, high expectations, etc. Yet, with millennials, whenever we are “messaging” we cannot underestimate

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