How do we lead…?: Millennials

Summary: Millennials want transparent leaders Millennials need clear expectations and guidelines Research tells us that we may soon experience a leadership conundrum. For a variety of reasons, many millennials are reluctant to take on leadership duties. I have some thoughts on why (and I’m sure I will share those eventually) but, ultimately, this will impact organizational structure and corporate culture. While some Gen-X members may fear being “skipped” over, they may be putting into leadership positions solely because there is a lack of interested leaders behind them. Granted, I’m generalizing, but you get the point. Despite their disinterest in leadership positions, millennials still hold

How do we lead…?: Gen X

How do we lead…?: Gen X Summary: Xers want a Laissez Faire leader-but make sure you don’t forget about “X” “The Doer”(s) want competent and effective leaders Gen X. The oft-forgotten group. One generational nickname of Gen X that is really like is “The Doer”. Xers tend to just get things done. They are efficient, hard-working, but they like balance and they also want to be left alone. I believe one of the reasons “X” is forgotten is because they are so independent and capable of completing tasks on their own. Xers will often take on additional responsibility and have a results-driven mentality. To be honest, a “leadership” post, if we are thinking about the type of “style” Xers will typicall

How do we lead…?: Boomers

Summary: Boomers are similar to millennials (sorry…) Cross-generational mentorship can help your organization lead Boomers; X; and Y Many of you may not know, or may not realize, but the Boomers were, at one time, called the “Me” generation. If you are keeping track, that is the sentiment that is also routinely applied to Generation Y (millennials). The Boomers have had a history of sustained “me”-ness, the millennials are just starting their track. There are inordinate similarities between millennials and boomers. The social activism, desire for success, etc. Boomers have a history of instant gratification desires, a lineage of questioning everything, and they tend to not trust those in oth

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