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Universities must acknowledge the 21st century student. Students today want content that is valuable, interactive, and based on real-world issues. The “sage” on the stage model is viewed by many students as archaic and outdated. This new student necessitates a new professor and a new professorate. What does this mean for you as a faculty member or your academic institution? It means faculty development is of renewed importance and should be an urgent concern. This workshop will address the 21st century learner and provide strategies for engaging and student-centered pedagogy. Contact me today! Workshop Outcomes: Understand basic characterizations of the 21st century learner Describe differe


I wanted to take a few moments and share thoughts about my week at Oxford University (I'm still here though...so the thoughts will be brief--I want to enjoy my time and, no offense, would you rather be immersed in Oxford or blog?). I am thankful for Bellarmine for a variety of reasons, but I have found that my university believes in investing in their people. One investment opportunity is the McGowan Prize, a fully funded professional/faculty development trip for one week to Oxford University specifically to participate in the Harris Manchester College Research Institute. While I'm here I am exploring narrative (story) as an instructional strategy-so, I have spent a lot of time with "The Ink

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