Oxford in a 'nutshell'

I am not even close to an Oxford authority, but the institution’s history is worth sharing. As some of you may know, Oxford is the oldest university in the English-speaking world. According to their “About” website, there is no formal foundation date but teaching, in some form, has existed at Oxford since 1096. To put that date into context…1096 was the year of the First Crusade. Those in higher education will find this fascinating-40% of Oxford’s total income comes from external research funding and only 22% comes from student fees. In terms of endowment, or finances that have been inherited or bequeathed to Oxford, the total amount (from all Oxford colleges…more on that in a moment) is ove

The Power of Story

"So What" Summary: Story-- ...is necessary for communication; ...can be a systematic framework for organizations; ...and provides a platform for persuasion. Late last fall I submitted a proposal to travel to Oxford (yes, that “Oxford”). Bellarmine, graciously, provides one scholarship per year for those who can demonstrate how a fully-funded visit to the University of Oxford will enhance their research interests. I have always been a fan of “The Inklings” (especially Lewis and Tolkien) and The Inklings found their place, and passion for story, while they were studying, visiting, or teaching at Oxford. The Oxford Scholarship, affectionately known as the McGowan Prize, presented a wonderful op

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