A story-based process

If you are not familiar, you should visit Ohio State’s Project Narrative page. I like the framework the OSU Project Narrative team provides for narrative theory. They say: “Narrative theory starts from the assumption that narrative is a basic human strategy for coming to terms with fundamental elements of our experience, such as time, process, and change, and it proceeds from this assumption to study the distinctive nature of narrative and its various structures, elements, uses, and effects.” Practically, what does this mean? We use narrative to decipher our world and, as such, narrative can be used to make decisions, impact change, or influence others. Narrative is a basic human strategy. I

Spending time in Oxford

It is easy to get “lost” while visiting Oxford. Not lost in the physical sense (although, I’m wondering how many more terminal degrees I need to learn how to read Google maps…I have a terrible sense of direction) but lost in a world that is slower and more relaxed. Despite the insane number of tourists many of whom were mostly downtown, I was able to travel from my dorm, to the Bodleian Library, to the pub mostly unencumbered. I wanted to share a little of my normal day because I think it will help further elaborate on the current theme of this series-story and reflection. The Harris Manchester staff have developed a hospitable and engaging institute program. The ability to engage with exper

The Harris Manchester Institute

Oxford may not be what we consider “cutting edge” in terms of pedagogy (although, some would argue the tried and true methods are still most effective) but programs like the Harris Manchester Institute are innovative and create an environment of collegial collaboration. During my time at Oxford I was a visiting scholar in the Harris Manchester College Summer Research Institute. One of Oxford’s newest (which is ridiculous) colleges, Harris Manchester was re-founded in 1786. Here is the description of the Summer Research Institute gathered directly from their website: We welcome Universities and Colleges from around the world to join the Summer Research Institute of Harris Manchester College,

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