Oxford: Narrative Fidelity

If coherent narratives make sense, narrative fidelity represents the quality of the story. Or, does it fit into the hearer’s previous and prior understanding. Fisher (Narrative Paradigm guy) believes there are five ways that storytellers achieve narrative fidelity (‘makesenseness’). To achieve narrative fidelity storytellers, need to: …have values embedded in the story …connect the story and the values …include possible outcomes that would connect to people who want to achieve the outcomes (i.e.—there is a so what) …establish some consistency between the values of the story and the values of the hearer …build in values that represent high values connected to human experience (i.e. don’t hold

Oxford: Narrative Coherence

In my last post I talked about the underpinnings of narrative theory. I mentioned OSU and the Project Narrative Project and I gave a brief overview of Fisher’s Narrative Paradigm. All of that information is great, but, as you (or your organization) considers using story to reach customers or even internally to reach employees, what elements of story are necessary to reach others? The next few weeks I’ll be spending more time discussing why, and how, story ‘works’. As you consider crafting your brand story, step number one is making sure your story is coherent. Coherent narratives will, typically, make sense. They are consistent. Externally, this means that you are communicating a consistent

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