Communication During COVID and Crisis [Part 2/6]: Operations

In part 1 we talked a little about an overview. I offered three tips for changing your mindset about the current situation. The blog post has various helpful links. A summary of the tips is below. But, ultimately, remember: Don’t panic. Go virtual where you can. Be strategic with information. Today, I want to talk a little about operations as a whole. What are you doing day-to-day and how are you preparing for the future? Day-to-Day Operations Let’s talk day-to-day first: Remote work has been forced into the very fabric of our lives. We are finding, quickly, what can and cannot be performed in a virtual or digital context. For some of you, the concept of digital operations performed remotely

Communication During COVID and Crisis [Part 1/6]: Impact on Nonprofits

Communication During COVID and Crisis: Impact on Nonprofits Michael G. Strawser Assistant Professor of Communication, University of Central Florida Principal, Legacy Communication Training and Consulting, L.L.C. What an interesting time. Interesting probably is an understatement. I was recently asked by the Central Florida Christian Chamber of Commerce to do a quick podcast series about Communication during COVID and Crisis specifically for non-profit executive directors. I’m calling my series “Legacy Minute” The COVID-19 situation, ever fluid and volatile, has a unique impact on non-profits and Orlando. While the numbers flex quite often, Florida is home to roughly 70,000 active non-profits

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