Communication During COVID and Crisis [Part 6/6]: What's next?

In Part 5 we discussed developing the leaders around you. I gave three quick tips: Delegate Encourage and Develop Virtual Training Leave a Legacy I want to camp on “leave a legacy” again in this last post and focus on where do we go from here. No tips today, just a call to action. If you are like me, you are fearful. If there ever was a time where we did not know what the future holds…it is now. Legislation, governmental action, stipulations, etc. are all changing daily. We live in a time right now that is, very literally, hour by hour. I believe, in some ways, we can allow ourselves to be fearful but, in the midst of this, we cannot allow our fear to paralyze. We must adapt and I believe th

Communication During COVID and Crisis [Part 5/6]: Developing Leaders Within

The world continues to change, rapidly. Last time we talked about communicating internally, here’s a brief overview of those tips: Be intentional Be empathetic Revisit policies and procedures Identify a communication czar Create fair and equitable remote work and remote work guidelines We have two podcasts left in this series and I wanted to talk about something a little different. Forward-thinking non-profits, and other organizations, should use this time as an opportunity to develop leaders within. For varying reasons: it is a good time to delegate (so as to not be overwhelmed); the focus on virtual professional development has never been greater; and you can leave a legacy of success that

Communication During COVID and Crisis [Part 4/6]: Communicating Internally

We have to remember, as we communicate during a crisis, that we have different audiences. Last time we talked about communicating externally, to boards and stakeholders, but we also have to communicate to our own people, our staff. We are in an ‘infodemic’! There is so much information available today we need to be careful not to overwhelm. I wanted to spend a little time talking about leadership and management today in light of what we are experiencing. 20 degrees posted a great article about leading in times of crisis and, more specifically, leading a nonprofit in times of crisis. One element that article emphasizes is that right now, especially, nonprofit leaders must prioritize communica

Communication During COVID and Crisis [Part 3/6]: Communicating Externally

In my most recent blog I talked, briefly, about day-to-day operations during COVID and crisis. I want to quickly summarize my tips from last time and then move on to the theme of the day. Tip 1- Think creatively about how you engage in remote work. Tip 2- Select digital tools carefully. Tip 3- Care for employees and stakeholders. Tip 4- Be informed. Tip 5- Review big picture operations. Tip 6- Don’t overwhelm yourself, or your people, with too much information. Now, let’s transition to communication specific items. Today, I want to discuss communicating externally. Nonprofits have many different audiences and each audience has a specific (or many specific) need. In my world we call this audi

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