Summary: Teaching and Training Millennials

  • Rise above the traditional training model

  • Create flexible training opportunities

  • Focus on skills

Every time I start to write a post on Millennials I always smile. I cannot login to Twitter without having a Mille...

Summary: Teaching and Training Baby Boomers

  • Help Boomers think about an innovative and creative legacy

  • I need more hobbies :-) 

I appreciate the Boomers. In some ways, I (a reluctant Millennial) am very “Boomer-esque”. I have workaholic tendencies, I tend to...

Summary: Teaching and Training The Silent Generation

  • Established the hierarchical structure in organizations

  • Negative perceptions of today’s students and teachers

William Strauss wrote an article focused, primarily, on schools made up of Gen X and Gen Y(ers)....

Summary: Generation Z

  • Date range debated, personally, I like the “1995” start range that Jean Twenge references

  • Generation Z: adaptable and entrepreneurial

  • Read “iGen”…yesterday. Seriously, do it.

Are you exhausted? I’m exhausted. I believe it is helpful...

Summary: Millennials

  • Born between 1980-2000 (although this range is debated)

  • Negative perceptions of Millennials abound

  • Millennials love teams and collaboration

  • Millennials have seen drastic technology advancement

Millennials are unique.  Unlike the...

Summary: Generation X

  • Born between 1965-1980

  • Smaller than Boomers and Millennials

  • Independent, autonomous, results-oriented, a little cynical

When “experts” mention generations in the workplace, Gen X is often forgotten. And, in some ways, for good reaso...

Summary: Baby Boomers

  • Born between 1946-1964

  • 80 million Boomers will leave the workforce in the next decade

  • Many Boomer characteristics are counter-Millennial

Each generation has a story. The Boomers (born between 1946-1964), have been referred to by som...