What’s your message for the Boomers?


  • Boomers love work.

  • Apple is Case Study 101 at cross-generational messaging and brand strategy.

Boomers love a couple of things. They love work. Most love their kids. All love their grandkids. They enjoy and yearn f...


  • Silents are loyal. Millennials are not.

  • Ask yourself how you can build brand loyalty with millennials.

When I think about the “core values” of the Silent Generation or, Traditionalists, I think about a few key terms: discipline, dedication, duty, har...


  • What is your message?

  • Your “message” may not change, but the way you communicate your message to different generations certainly will evolve.

  • What do you care about and what do you want others to know about you?

There are several “buzzwords” tod...


- Instructional designers can make great corporate trainers and consultants!

I always try to understand how I can get better. As a professor, and as a corporate trainer, I believe much of what I do is related to instructional design. Yes, I have helped instructo...

I recently facilitated a two day business writing fundamentals workshop for a Lexington area law firm.

Day 1: Established a foundation for writing and focused on the communication process, discussed the rhetorical situation, and dabbled in mechanics.

Day 2: The material...

Part 4: A communication consultant facilitates interventions


  • Organizational training and professional development done well can enhance a culture and clarify misconceptions

Corporate training can be dull, drab, and check-box ready. Here’s what I mean: Some...