What does a communication consultant do?


  • Communication consultants: Diagnose problems; Recommend solutions; Facilitate interventions; and Evaluate outcomes

Everyone wants to be a consultant. I study communication because I want to solve communication-relate...

Summary: Teaching and Training Generation Z

  • Use digital platforms to engage Gen Z

  • Encourage Gen Z to be creative

In my role, I am just starting to see the trickle in of Gen Z and my current students would, I’m sure, align more with the Millennial distinction...

Summary: Teaching and Training Millennials

  • Rise above the traditional training model

  • Create flexible training opportunities

  • Focus on skills

Every time I start to write a post on Millennials I always smile. I cannot login to Twitter without having a Mille...

Summary: Teaching and Training Generation X

  • Create clear outcomes

  • Establish efficient training mechanisms

  • Clearly communicate the end goal of a training initiative

I am, technically, a Millennial-but I have a Gen X mindset-especially in the workplace. In...

Summary: Teaching and Training Baby Boomers

  • Help Boomers think about an innovative and creative legacy

  • I need more hobbies :-) 

I appreciate the Boomers. In some ways, I (a reluctant Millennial) am very “Boomer-esque”. I have workaholic tendencies, I tend to...

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