• Don’t forget about your older and more experienced employees

  • Provide opportunities for cross-generational interaction

I feel like a broken record with this, but Silents are loyal. Don’t forget about Silents or older-Boomers, they have not forgotten a...


  • Leadership (“study” and “assessment”) is essential.

  • We will all lead, and follow, uniquely.

If “message” is a buzzword, leadership assuredly is a buzzword-on steroids. A simple Amazon search on “leadership” will bring about over 200,000 resources. Yo...


  • Gen Z members care about value.

  • Your message should get to the point.

  • By 2020 Gen Z will account for 40% of all consumers!

My current students tend to balk a little when I remind them that they are, “technically” and according to some, members o...

What’s your message for Millennials?


  • Millennials love “stories” and want to create their own narrative and be brought into a larger “global” narrative.

  • Do not overestimate the pull of social connectedness and interdependence.

Millennials love a good m...

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April 13, 2020

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