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Overwhelming evidence indicates that good communication skills are essential to being productive and successful in the workplace. As the importance placed on communication skills continues to rise, the need for improvement is essential. Emotionally intelligent employees are in demand and I can help. Contact Legacy for communication and business skills training.


Legacy Communication specializes in conversation and business writing, message development and presentation coaching, leadership development and teaching and learning initiatives (additional services are found below). I also conduct full communication audits. Allow me to help you prepare your organization to thrive as a 21st century communication leader.

Communication Services

Legacy Communication is one of the few communication groups that can provide the services ranging from Higher Education Consulting, Church Consulting, Presentation Consulting and 21st Century Learning & Millennial Education in the Louisville Region.

Millennial Consulting

In 2015, Millennials officially overtook Generation X to become the largest portion of the United State’s Workforce. At 53.5 million strong and growing, the Millennial generation is poised to become our next leaders. You are in constant contact with businesses or audiences that are multi-generational. Great! Legacy Communication specializes in multi-generational consulting. 

Higher Education Consulting

Educating in the age of changing technology presents a challenge for any administration. Legacy Communication can offer teaching seminars on The Flipped Classroom, Online Learning, Formal Speech Delivery, Presentation Aids, Academic Integrity and the 21st Century Learner & Millennials. All of these services can help you and your faculty develop the essential tools for engaging the next generation of learners.

Public Speaking Coaching 

Career growth and exploration demands that you have the ability to effectively present your ideas and communicate intentions. You might be looking for One on One Training, Small Group Training for your team, or a Seminar on Formal Speech Delivery. All of these services are provided by Legacy Communication.

Communication, Education 
and Church Audits 

Legacy Communication provides comprehensive audits. These audits give you an objective perspective of Financial Statements, Business Culture and Communication obstacles in your business. We will uncover the challenges hindering you from achieving the level of effectiveness you desire and deliver detailed training to educate your team on how to move to the next level! 

Clients and Partners
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