Generations 101: Part IV (Millennials)

Summary: Millennials

  • Born between 1980-2000 (although this range is debated)

  • Negative perceptions of Millennials abound

  • Millennials love teams and collaboration

  • Millennials have seen drastic technology advancement

Millennials are unique. Unlike the Silent Generation, they are viewed as entitled with a minimal work ethic. Unlike the Boomers, money and consumerism are not as important or necessary. Unlike Gen X, Millennials are collaborative and want to hear the other and be heard. These unique generational traits make Millennials a target for discomfort and their unique wiring presents challenges to the status quo and, maybe more importantly, potential misunderstandings with members of other generations (especially in the workplace). Millennials (aka Gen Y, Gen Next, Echo Boomers….lots of nicknames for this group) were born between 1980-2000. But, this date range is debated. Some even divide Millennials further into old and new Millennials because technology advancements have so dramatically influenced the characteristics of this generation.

Sadly, the Millennial reputation has become routine fodder for jokes and sly remarks. You’ve heard it all-Millennials are lazy, entitled, high maintenance (and they are) but they are also networked, well-traveled and really tech-savvy. Millennials have lived through a recession, the Internet Age, and 9/11. These life events have led to values that resonate with civic calling, an emphasis on diversity, and high morals. Unlike Xers, Millennials love teams BUT they are also independent---an interesting conflict of desires in the workplace. One of the areas where I can help your organization as a communication consultant is with the new influx of Millennials in the workplace. While I do serve Louisville, I can also serve the surrounding area. Contact me for additional questions.

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