How do we teach (or train): Millennials

Summary: Teaching and Training Millennials

  • Rise above the traditional training model

  • Create flexible training opportunities

  • Focus on skills

Every time I start to write a post on Millennials I always smile. I cannot login to Twitter without having a Millennial-focused post on my immediate news feed. We care so deeply about Millennials because they are “counter-corporate” but there is nothing new under the sun. Millennials are different, Gen X is different, Boomers were different, etc. etc. etc. The cycle continues. But, for all of this interest, we do recognize that Millennials are unique in that their attributes, desires, and skillset are an interesting combination. Also, because Boomers are still so present in the workplace (and because Boomers are counter-Millennial in many facets)- Millennial “how to” explain articles become more prevalent. So, with that said, this blog will very briefly give a few tips for training Millennials.

Millennials need engagement. They don’t want to be bored. The traditional training model, for Millennials, is repulsive. The desire for constant connection and their ability to constantly connect and communicate and interact with information is central to the Millennial mindset. Training initiatives for Millennials should be flexible and engage multiple modalities (i.e. platforms like F2F, online, hybrid-a mix of both). Like Gen X, Millennials don’t want their time wasted and they also recognize that a lot can be accomplished online and that F2F training is not always necessary.

In my role at Bellarmine University, I often hear from employers that college graduates lack “specific workplace skills”. Employers define this different depending on the workplace but I think this realization can also help corporations develop professional growth opportunities for Millennials. Focus on skills and focus on relevant skills. What do Millennials need to know to do their job well and accomplish the outcomes you need them to achieve?

As a consultant, I love to develop training opportunities for Millennials but I can also build training programs that reach all generations and engage all learning styles.

What’s your legacy?

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