How do we teach (or train): Generation Z

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Summary: Teaching and Training Generation Z

  • Use digital platforms to engage Gen Z

  • Encourage Gen Z to be creative

In my role, I am just starting to see the trickle in of Gen Z and my current students would, I’m sure, align more with the Millennial distinction instead of Gen Z. But, K-12 teachers have been instructing Gen Z for years. So, we can at least look at those trends and determine what teaching and training should look like for this generation. If you are not familiar with Tim Elmore (Growing Leaders) I would encourage you to visit his site. His work on reaching generations is encouraging and insightful. Elmore has a lot of good ideas but I believe three are primary:

  1. Teach and Train within a Digital Framework

  2. Encourage Creation

  3. Speed, efficiency and flexibility

Digital Framework

While Millennials are familiar with “tech” and “digital” mechanisms, for Gen Z a digital framework is part of life (and always has been). If you want to reach this generation then you must explore and use digital platforms. Digital platforms are constantly changing, but there are consistent elements you can focus on within: messaging, audience, effectiveness, etc.

Encourage Creation

Members of Gen Z are entrepreneurs. They are creators and developers. This means teachers, and ultimately trainers, must encourage this spirit of creation and provide activities, assignments, and avenues to create.

Speed, efficiency and flexibility

For me, this boils down to communication 101-to a certain extent. Can we provide avenues for Z where flexibility is not only encouraged but taught? I want my kids to be flexible and desire flexibility. We also need to be quick with feedback and teach how to use tech tools to be more efficient-having a Facebook does not make one “Facebook-literate”.

I’ll continue to go into more depth with these three pillars but this, at least, provides an overview—for now.

As a communication consultant, I want to help you develop communication training initiatives that reach all generations and engage all learning styles.

What’s your legacy?

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