#Problem(s)- You are always the last to know...

Problem No Problem

Part 2: A communication consultant diagnoses problems.


  • Communication consultants diagnose problems

  • Communication problems are multifaceted

You are always the last to know. Seriously, you are. Leaders (and managers) are usually effective because they are forward thinking. They can see problems before they happen and can implement forward-thinking strategic solutions. Sometimes, though, you may not know a problem exists. In this way, you are always the last to know.

Problems can be multi-faceted.

It may be that your company has survived doing the status-quo and you have stagnated. #problem

It may be that your company has lost the core of its mission or vision. #problem

It may be that you are spread too thin (as a leader, as an employee, or as an organization). #problem

It may be that your employees are lacking the training they need to do a job effectively. #problem

I like consulting for a lot of reasons but I really enjoy solving problems and, even more so, identifying problems. Communication problems can be obvious, but many times communication issues are under the surface. Employees are over-saturated with messages and cannot identify key tasks. Relationships are negative, bitter and festering. There is a lack of trust. These are all communication issues and there are so many more (as I am sure you are aware). A consultant can help you diagnose these problems and work toward a solution. I can help and more so I want to help your organization diagnose problems and develop a strategic plan.

What’s your legacy?

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