Part 3: A communication consultant recommends solutions



  • Good communication consultants listen

  • Good communication consultants diagnose the “root” of the problem and suggest solutions accordingly

If you are like me, you are quick to solve. In some ways this is a wonderful trait. The ability to “solve” is a fantastic characteristic. People who can solve problems are valuable to any organization. I believe, though, that you cannot solve problems without first diagnosing problems accurately. This means you have to listen to those in the organization. It is easy to walk into a situation, without context, and start “telling” people what to do-but good consultants listen to those around them and recommend solutions that are tailored to the organization (not just a one-size fits all next step). I do believe a good communication consultant recommends solutions, but I also believe a good communication consultant recommends solutions based on listening to, and diagnosing, actual problems.

If you continue to cut off the branches of a tree without ever attacking the root-the branches continue to grow. This is the same with problems. A consultant who is worth your time and money will diagnose real problems and will provide solutions that achieve holistic change, not just periphery suggestions. But—this takes time, it takes trust, and it takes effort. I want to be a communication consultant that provides healing, not just a Band-Aid.

What’s your legacy?

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