What does an instructional designer do anyway? Instructional designers can be valuable corporate tra


- Instructional designers can make great corporate trainers and consultants!

I always try to understand how I can get better. As a professor, and as a corporate trainer, I believe much of what I do is related to instructional design. Yes, I have helped instructors create online courses at Bellarmine University (that was a role in a previous life), but instructional design is not limited to online learning or “IT”, as I mention below.

I have read several articles recently where Instructional Designers struggle to articulate a definition of their role. First and foremost the role of an ID will depend on the job description but typically Instructional Designers, creative/Renaissance “doers”, will go beyond the parameters of a job description. I love the graphic below, created by Arizona State University. Instructional Designers can serve as communicators, explorers, thinkers, project managers, etc. etc. I would only add one additional descriptor, Entrepreneur. I believe Instructional Designers must be entrepreneurial thinkers always looking one step ahead, constantly being industrious, creative, big picture but detail-oriented innovators. IDs must be proactive but also live in the moment. It is a tough task but a fun and interesting career choice for those wired to use multiple skills and character traits.

Instructional design consultation does not just have to do with “IT”. Instead, organizations can use an instructional design consultant, like myself, to help design, implement and assess corporate training. I believe instructional designers (who can also present) make for valuable corporate trainers. If you are looking for someone to help your organization develop corporate training initiatives, especially related to communication, please contact me!

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