New Series: What's your MESSAGE?

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  • What is your message?

  • Your “message” may not change, but the way you communicate your message to different generations certainly will evolve.

  • What do you care about and what do you want others to know about you?

There are several “buzzwords” today (millennial, by the way, is one of them…). Buzzwords are necessary because they help us think about what’s current and what’s next. One buzzword I have seen a lot recently is “message”. The “message” buzzword asks corporations, individuals and organizations, what is your message? I would ask it another way: what do you care about and what do you want others to know about you? Brand strategists are obsessed with message and narrative. Politicians are encouraged to stay “on message”. The Super Bowl is coming up on Sunday-Bill Belichick is “on message” example number 1. He knows what he wants to say, says it, and never says too much.

One primary component of messaging, though, is audience analysis. As you think about the generations represented in your organization, you must ask yourself what do you want them to know and how do you motivate. Over the next five weeks I will be doing a general messaging series that explores messaging through a generational lens. Meaning, if I was “messaging” to the Silent Generation, how do I structure my content to directly engage what the Silent Generation thinks about and cares about.

I offer this caveat before the series launches this week. Messaging is wonderful but it is not the end goal. The end goal is buy-in and relationships. So, if you are trying to reach “Silents” in the workplace or in your personal life, how do you communicate with them to develop a core connection? That’s the real-world problem I will answer over the next few weeks.

What’s your legacy?

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