What's your message: Baby Boomers

Baby Boomers Message Summary

What’s your message for the Boomers?


  • Boomers love work.

  • Apple is Case Study 101 at cross-generational messaging and brand strategy.

Boomers love a couple of things. They love work. Most love their kids. All love their grandkids. They enjoy and yearn for gratification, instant in many cases (like millennials…). They like to spend their hard-earned money. They enjoy work. They distrust youth. So…how do “youthful” brands market to Boomers?

Apple did this with fantastic swiftness. Facebook did it too. Apple became the phone for all. Boomers to millennials all recognize the inherent value of the iPhone. Apple created a product, first and foremost, that transcends generations because of its user interface and capabilities. Yet, they also created a product that was “cool” for millennials and “necessary” for Boomers. The ability for Boomers to Facetime the grandkids I mentioned in paragraph 1 became a regular part of the day. The iPhone, for many Boomers, allowed them to work even more hours 😊 and became an avenue to spend even more hard-earned money. And, think about how instantly gratifying an iPhone can be. Think about how many buttons (no pun intended) the iPhone pressed for Boomers.

How did they do it? First, the transcendence of the product helps. Obviously. But even more so the Apple brand created a message that resonates across generations. The product is useful for all and Apple sold itself as necessary for survival-how could you live without a smartphone? How can you go on a trip without maps? How can you relate without Facetime? How can you work without instant email access? The message was one of gratification, relationship and work survival. Yet, Apple also created a brand strategy that was “hip” and powerful. What’s your message to Boomers? Are you focusing on this generation that has worked, tirelessly, for decades? Are you giving them avenues to remember that they are not forgotten and that “it” isn’t all about youth and the youth movement?

What’s your legacy?

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