What's your message: Gen X

Gen X Summary


  • Xers are pragmatic and independent.

  • They want “separate” life components (everything does not have to be blurred together).

Gen X members are great. I’ve already mentioned that I am more “X” than “Y” despite my birth year but Xers just do their jobs, enjoy their free time, and have a zest for life-long balance. Gen Xers also have crazy-high expectations of both their employers and their products. They are less loyal than the Boomers and are cynical and suspicious. They are also very tech-literate but not necessarily digital natives. So, the connectedness that millennials crave is, for X, not as important or pressing.

If I was messaging to a Gen X employee or consumer I would focus on pragmatism. Practical and reliable connections to life. Or, to put it another way, I want to focus on how this product helps me stay segmented and balanced. Instead of selling the iPhone as a workaholic paradise, I sell the iPhone as a weekender’s planner. I sell the global capabilities of a product and how something can “disrupt” the status quo. X will not be fooled-they are highly educated and their self-reliance keeps them engaged. They don’t check out. If you were selling _____ to an independent consumer base, what would you focus on?

Trust is hard for Xers. They trust themselves and that’s about it-even some X members refuse to trust themselves remaining, instead, always skeptical of everyone! Yet, they still want balance and are not driven by an identity wrapped up in a job. As an organization, how do you remind Xers that they are valuable? Do you encourage time to work from home? Do you allow for self-reliance or are you a “breath down the neck” manager? Do you encourage independent thought and functionality? If you don’t, you probably are not messaging, effectively, to a Gen Xer.

What’s your legacy?

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