What’s your message: Millennials

Millennial Narrative

What’s your message for Millennials?


  • Millennials love “stories” and want to create their own narrative and be brought into a larger “global” narrative.

  • Do not overestimate the pull of social connectedness and interdependence.

Millennials love a good message and millennials love a good story. Organizations who “allow” millennials to: 1) join the organization’s narrative and 2) allow millennials to build their own narrative within the organization, have the greatest chance of retaining and attracting millennial talent. In many ways, Gen Y mirrors Gen X- extreme fun, balance, achievement, high expectations, etc. Yet, with millennials, whenever we are “messaging” we cannot underestimate the power of social connectedness. The community, the Other, and the collective whole speak volumes to the millennial.

So, then, what is your message to millennials? Are you focusing on their (millennials) ability to build a narrative? Are you focusing on how millennials can make a difference either as part of your organization or by purchasing your product? Are you focusing on the community and interconnectedness? Are you focusing on “technology” and efficiency or extreme instant gratification? These are all “talking points” that will resonate with millennials.

Millennials, although community driven, also love personal attention. They want to know that individually (and collectively) they matter. This avid consumer base will consistently make purchases based on their core values-so, practically, if I was designing a message I would focus on how I can connect individual millennials to my product/organization and also how my product/organization influences the collective whole. This balance is easier said than done, but mastering this angle will resound with millennials.

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