What's your message: Gen Z

Gen Z


  • Gen Z members care about value.

  • Your message should get to the point.

  • By 2020 Gen Z will account for 40% of all consumers!

My current students tend to balk a little when I remind them that they are, “technically” and according to some, members of Gen Z. In many ways that is normal. Usually the bridge population (those who could be considered members of either the generation before or after) will tend to feel a sense of an identity crisis. But, some of my younger students portray Gen Z values.

Messaging to members of Gen Z, comparatively, should focus on value. They know what they want and they live in a world where they have always had easy access to fulfill their needs. The message needs to be short (to account for shortened attention spans) and directed. This generation does not want, or need, “fluff.” Get to the point. Similar to millennials, Gen Z members want to have an impact and make a difference-so, in many ways the millennial advice rings true- narrative and impact on the collective whole will establish a connection with Gen Z.

Here’s something incredible- by 2020 Gen Z members will account for around 40% of all consumers! But, similar to Gen X (although because of sheer numbers the Gen Z “forgetfulness” will not last) they are often overlooked because of the millennial focus. Boomers experienced the same thing. Everyone worried about messaging to Boomers that Gen X became an afterthought. Your organizations would do well to create story-driven messages for Gen Z, the generation of entrepreneurs.

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