Leading Intergenerational Teams: How do we lead...?

Leading Teams


  • Leadership (“study” and “assessment”) is essential.

  • We will all lead, and follow, uniquely.

If “message” is a buzzword, leadership assuredly is a buzzword-on steroids. A simple Amazon search on “leadership” will bring about over 200,000 resources. You probably don’t want to know the Google search number (cough cough- 821,000,000…). But, even if you bristle at the idea of 800,000 leadership “concepts” on Google, you can’t deny the importance of the topic today. Leadership has become not just a practical necessity, but a research imperative.

Part of my issue with leadership literature is the assumption that everyone is the same. We aren’t. We are all wired uniquely. Leadership styles can be helpful to address those differences, and I will certainly approach this blog series through the lens of a few leadership styles, but we cannot rely on a textbook style to help us with relationships that veer away from the text.

As you think about leading members of other generations, I would encourage you to also think about how not just each generation is unique but how individual members of each generation can be unique as well. This assessment will serve you well no matter if you are leading Boomers or Gen Z. My previous posts will be helpful in helping you think about generational differences.

What’s your legacy?


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