How do we lead…?: The Silent Generation

Leading silent generation


  • Don’t forget about your older and more experienced employees

  • Provide opportunities for cross-generational interaction

I feel like a broken record with this, but Silents are loyal. Don’t forget about Silents or older-Boomers, they have not forgotten about you. Leaders can provide great stability for their followers when they remind them of their value and worth. In the midst of the tech-revolution, it may be hard to remember that Silents, in many ways, built what we now hold dear-at least the infrastructure. As a leader, do not allow your desire for the “new” overcome the brilliance of the past. We always need constant assessment, but we can also recognize that the “old” ways may still work…in some instances.

How else can you lead the Silents or older Boomers? Have you ever thought about implementing a corporation-wide mentorship program? Even retired employees who helped build the company may be willing to meet with younger/new employees to help answer questions and provide guidance.

One additional idea, don’t always rely on email if you are trying to reach this group-invest in a sit-down, a phone call, or another high-touch method of communication. This will speak volumes to the Silent generation as they covet that interpersonal time (removed from the device).

Three main takeaways for leading the Silent Generation:

  • Pay tribute to the old ways (and don’t change just for the sake of change)

  • Establish a mentorship program

  • Expand how you communicate

What’s your legacy?

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