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  • In some ways, yes, they are millennials on steroids

  • Don’t underestimate the self-motivated and entrepreneurial nature of Gen Z

Michael Wood once told Business Insider that members of Gen Z are “millennials on steroids.” In some ways this is correct. But, Gen Z is different. They do not put as much of a premium on social media, despite the ever-increasing influence of technology on their lives. They are fact-checkers (thank you Google…) so their view of authority has shifted. They now can double-check their teachers and parents at the press of a button. They are entrepreneurial, they value diversity, and they are more pessimistic than millennials, consider “Z” Gen-X in that regard.

I would agree with Ryan Jenkins who believes a coaching approach is better for Gen Z. There is an element where coaching, rather than the dictatorial or tyrannical leadership models of the past will resonate with Gen Z because they are used to coaching and are highly capable. In the workplace, I believe Gen Z will need less hand-holding than Gen Y—sorry millennials. This connects back to the entrepreneurial mindset. Gen Z members are capable, and they trust themselves more implicitly.

Similar to millennials, Gen Z members value transparency and they like achievement. One thing that I love about the Gen Z mentality is their emphasis on internal motivation. Millennials are very “externally” motivated, by grades, etc., but “Z” members can have a motivated internal wiring.

What’s your legacy?

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