Managing the Talent Around You Workshop

Does your organization want to more effectively manage talent? If so, I can help. Check out the video below that details my Managing the Talent Around You Workshop. I can deliver this training to your organization-contact me today!

Workshop Outcomes:

Understand basic principles necessary to manage four generations (Boomers, X, Millennials, Z) in the workplace.

Develop strategies to recruit and retain millennial talent.

Summarize generational differences, especially from a professional perspective.

Develop strategies to engage employees of all ages.

Approach employee engagement from a mentorship perspective.

Workshop Overview and Audience:

Talent management has become a popular (and necessary) topic for businesses and organizations alike. Generational differences have shed light on the challenges of managing talented employees, especially, when recruiting and retaining millennial talent. Despite, the difficulties, effective talent, and people, management can make or break an organization. This talent management also includes the ability to maintain/retain and influence employees through rewards. To address these issues, this workshop focuses on talent acquisition, selection and retention, especially millennial talent.

This workshop can be tailored to any audience group (or, even, individuals looking for personal coaching). Corporate audiences may find this workshop appropriate for developing a culture devoted to employee engagement at all levels. Local organizations and non-profits may find the ability to reach varying stakeholders, like generation x and millennial donors and employees, appealing. This workshop is available as a half-day, full-day, or multi-day offering.

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