Transformative Leadership & Management Workshop

Does your organization want to empower employees to lead with purpose? If so, I can help. Check out the video below that details my Transformative Leadership and Management Workshop. I can deliver this training to your organization-contact me today!

Workshop Outcomes:

Learn how to identify and most effectively use sources of power and influence to develop strategic goals and outcomes (i.e. strategic planning and goal-setting)

Explore ways to harness the power of both formal and informal organizational networks

Understand the communication process specific to managing others, reasons for communication breakdown, and what constitutes organizational culture

Gain proven approaches to develop effective internal messages around organizational and team goals

Solve challenges related to internal communication effectiveness

Practice crafting effective messages including, but not limited to, electronic messages, good, bad and neutral messages, and business presentations

Unlock components of personal leadership and effective teamwork

Discover differences in leadership styles

Engage in activities that enhance strategic thinking​

Workshop Overview and Audience:

Leading others – both directly and indirectly – is especially challenging without thoughtful, effective communication. This workshop empowers managers to overcome an array of obstacles that get in the way of positively leading others. Participants will learn tools to competently communicate with and influence supervisors, followers, direct reports and peers. During this highly engaging and interactive session, participants will gain insight into formal and informal organizational networks and leave with the tools and confidence needed to be successful and productive in the 21st century workplace.

This workshop can be tailored to any audience group (or, even, individuals looking for leadership coaching). Corporate audiences may find this workshop appropriate for helping current, or aspiring, leaders and managers. Local organizations and non-profits may appreciate the session onus on developing leaders from within an organization. Individuals, looking for a personal leadership coach, would also benefit from this session. This workshop is available as a half-day, full-day, or multi-day offering.

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