Communication During COVID and Crisis [Part 4/6]: Communicating Internally

We have to remember, as we communicate during a crisis, that we have different audiences. Last time we talked about communicating externally, to boards and stakeholders, but we also have to communicate to our own people, our staff.

We are in an ‘infodemic’! There is so much information available today we need to be careful not to overwhelm. I wanted to spend a little time talking about leadership and management today in light of what we are experiencing. 20 degrees posted a great article about leading in times of crisis and, more specifically, leading a nonprofit in times of crisis. One element that article emphasizes is that right now, especially, nonprofit leaders must prioritize communication. This is not the time to cower or to avoid communication. Purposeful transparency right now, with your external stakeholders, and your employees, is crucial. With that said, here are a few practical tips.

Tip 1- Be Intentional

  • This includes being informed

  • Being strategic

  • Seeking out other leaders and mentors

  • Take 15-30 minutes and think about communication during your day

  • Remember, you are communicating during a crisis and, as such, you need to practice crisis management

Tip 2- Be empathetic

  • I am pretty opinionated, but I gave up opinions about COVID-19 a while ago. I don’t want to judge how other people are reacting to the pandemic. You need to be concerned about your stakeholders but also about your people. Everyone is handling this differently.

  • Let your people know you care

  • Solicit feedback, acknowledge the stress and anxiety

Tip 3- Revisit policies and procedures

  • Little did we know that March 2020 would be a great time for nonprofits to revisit their policies and procedures. Sick leave, remote work policy, etc. are all important considerations right now.

Tip 4- Identify your Communication Czar

  • Who will be the primary point person for communicating information to your people?

  • Multiple messages confuse.

Tip 5- Create fair and equitable remote work and remote work guidelines

  • Encourage your staff to designate boundaries

These tips will, hopefully, help lead your staff more effectively right now and, hopefully, communicate internally with more intention.

Questions? Comments? Other struggles? Send me an email or visit my website Let me know how I can help.

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