Communication During COVID and Crisis [Part 6/6]: What's next?

In Part 5 we discussed developing the leaders around you. I gave three quick tips:


Encourage and Develop Virtual Training

Leave a Legacy

I want to camp on “leave a legacy” again in this last post and focus on where do we go from here. No tips today, just a call to action.

If you are like me, you are fearful. If there ever was a time where we did not know what the future holds…it is now. Legislation, governmental action, stipulations, etc. are all changing daily. We live in a time right now that is, very literally, hour by hour. I believe, in some ways, we can allow ourselves to be fearful but, in the midst of this, we cannot allow our fear to paralyze. We must adapt and I believe the best nonprofits, corporations and organizations will be those who look at this time as an opportunity and say, onward we go.

Your nonprofit must adapt to this new culture. We have been thrust into a truly digital age. There is no looking back. When we search engined in the past we called it Googling, Video conferencing will now forever be known as “zooming”. As hard as it is, embrace the challenge. Survive then thrive. Do not let your concerns about today cloud your judgement about tomorrow. This too shall pass. Will it be easy? Absolutely not. But it will end, we will normalize, we will stabilize. Your organization must adapt.

If adapting is hard for you, if you find that you have inadequate streamlining, communication inefficiencies, operational deficiencies, troubling reaching new generations of employees, donors, or stakeholders, or if you need someone to help you plan strategically-I can, and want, to help.

Questions? Comments? Other struggles? Send me an email or visit my website Let me know how I can help.

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