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Does your organization need strategic communication consultation? If so, I can help. 
What is it:
Develop, implement, monitor, and execute wide-ranging internal and external communication strategy
How can I help:
Internally unite your corporation, develop a culture through shared vision, and keep everyone on the same page
Develop internal communications to support and strengthen your brand and mission
Protect, shape, communicate, and protect your corporate reputation
Boost manager effectiveness with tools and resources
Create innovative change management and change communication solutions that influence employee behavior
Strengthen communication among employees with clients
Align internal and external communications so they reinforce and enhance each other
Media and presentation coaching
Who is this service for:
Small and mid-size businesses and organizations without access to internal communication specialists
Why should you contact Legacy:
Deliver sustainable change and enable your people to be successful
Connect your message to your business goals
Clarify confusion
Respond quickly and successfully to an organizational change or competitive threat
Deliver intentional, relevant, and meaningful messages in a distracted world. Contact me for an initial consultation. 
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