In Part 5 we discussed developing the leaders around you. I gave three quick tips:


Encourage and Develop Virtual Training

Leave a Legacy

I want to camp on “leave a legacy” again in this last post and focus on where do we go from here. No tips today, just a call to...

The world continues to change, rapidly. Last time we talked about communicating internally, here’s a brief overview of those tips:

  • Be intentional

  • Be empathetic

  • Revisit policies and procedures

  • Identify a communication czar

  • Create fair and equitabl...

We have to remember, as we communicate during a crisis, that we have different audiences. Last time we talked about communicating externally, to boards and stakeholders, but we also have to communicate to our own people, our staff.

We are in an ‘infodemic’! There is so...

In my most recent blog I talked, briefly, about day-to-day operations during COVID and crisis. I want to quickly summarize my tips from last time and then move on to the theme of the day.

  • Tip 1- Think creatively about how you engage in remote work.

  • Tip 2- Selec...

In part 1 we talked a little about an overview. I offered three tips for changing your mindset about the current situation. The blog post has various helpful links. A summary of the tips is below. But, ultimately, remember:

  • Don’t panic.

  • Go virtual where you can...

Communication During COVID and Crisis: Impact on Nonprofits

Michael G. Strawser

Assistant Professor of Communication, University of Central Florida

Principal, Legacy Communication Training and Consulting, L.L.C.

What an interesting time. Interesting probably is an understa...