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At Legacy Communication Training and Consulting, we offer a variety of badges and certifications that demonstrate your mastery of various communication skills. Our badges and certifications are recognized by industry professionals and employers, giving you a competitive advantage. With our training programs, you'll gain the knowledge and skills to earn these credentials and boost your career development.

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At Legacy Communication Training and Consulting, we are driven by the passion to help businesses and organizations succeed. With our proven process to measure organizational effectiveness, we help you identify areas for improvement and then create strategies to address them. Our communication audits ensure that your message is clear and that your employees understand your objectives. We take pride in delivering measurable results and ensuring that our clients receive the maximum value for their investment.


Our team of experts has years of experience in communication and training, and we are committed to helping our clients develop the skills they need to succeed. We offer a wide range of training programs designed to meet the needs of individuals and organizations. Whether you are looking to improve your public speaking, polish your writing skills, or build better relationships with your colleagues, we can help. Our coaching for instructors and trainers will give you the tools you need to create engaging, effective training sessions that resonate with your audience.

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