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Dynamic Speaker


“Dr. Strawser is a dynamic speaker.  He kept the audience entertained as he spoke about the generational workplace issues.  Many attendees commented that the session wasn’t long enough, and they would have loved to have him present more."

Masterful Facilitator


“What a pleasure to have Michael lead our Annsley Frazier Thornton School of Education retreat at Bellarmine University.  His intelligence, insight and inclusive nature was a hit with the faculty. Michael brings the rare gift of academic knowledge and training, communication expertise and humor to his ability to facilitate both small and large work groups.  He is masterful in his ability to work with others in capturing and facilitating groups of all ages. I recommend Michael to anyone seeking a communications expert to lead and facilitate groups toward a common goal.”

Applicable Content


“[Training] Was well executed and clear, but also really appreciated all the professional feedback from the class. Thank you-I will apply so much of this!”

Communication Skills


“I learned some great communication tools to use with my team and managers. Thank you!”

Tackle Difficult Issues


“Michael’s explanations were relevant and helpful. Loved the group discussions on how to tackle certain situations.”

Practical Tools


“Michael did a wonderful job taking us through the philosophy of communication and giving practical tools.”

Eloquent and Engaging


“Michael Strawser was incredibly eloquent and engaging and explained things clearly.”

Beyond Expectations


“I was blown away by today. Beyond my expectations.”

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