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Legacy Consulting

Legacy Communication Consulting offers comprehensive services designed to enhance your organization's internal and external communication strategies. Specializing in aiding small to mid-size businesses and organizations, we understand the unique challenges you face, especially when lacking access to in-house communication specialists. Our expertise lies in developing, implementing, monitoring, and executing communication strategies that unite your corporation, foster a shared vision, and ensure alignment across all levels. From strengthening internal communications that support your brand and mission to protecting and shaping your corporate reputation, our approach is holistic and results-driven. We boost managerial effectiveness with tailored tools and resources and create innovative change management solutions that influence employee behavior, ensuring consistency between internal and external messages. Our services extend to media and presentation coaching, aiming to enhance interactions between employees and clients. By choosing Legacy, you're opting for sustainable change, clear and relevant messaging, and a response strategy that positions you to successfully navigate organizational changes or competitive threats. Contact us for an initial consultation and start delivering intentional, meaningful messages in today's distracted world.


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Organizational Effectiveness Assessment

My process-driven organizational effectiveness assessment helps you survey your people, understand results and insights, create an action plan, and develop your people while reaching your clients and building up your bottom line. The Organizational Effectiveness Assessment emphasizes a coherent and consistent process and solution-driven recommendations.


Communication Audit

Legacy uses a communication audit to evaluate organizational efficiency and effectiveness related to a) communication channels, b) messaging, c) communication satisfaction, and d) employee engagement/retention. The audit results and subsequent recommendations will be presented to appropriate stakeholders when the project is completed.

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Access to information is easy and expedient, the purposeful utilization and communication of that information is neither easy, nor expedient. As a communication professor at the University of Central Florida I am great at turning my training, experiences, and teaching into solutions for communication-related problems.


Assessing the Communication Effort

1. Identify processes that have gaps or are weak.

2. Discover opportunity to communicate more effectively.

3. Organize communication effort to be consistently efficient.


I will help you answer

• What do we know?

• What should we know?

• How do we fill the gap?

Talent Optimization and Personality Assessment

Does your organization need help optimizing talent and engaging employees? If so, I can help. 
In today's dynamic workplace, understanding individual personality traits is crucial for fostering effective teamwork and productivity. As a certified professional in administering and interpreting DiSC and Predictive Index assessments, I offer specialized expertise in these renowned tools. DiSC assessments provide insightful analysis into workplace behavior, enabling teams to enhance communication, reduce conflict, and boost collaboration. Similarly, the Predictive Index leverages a scientifically validated framework to predict workplace performance and team dynamics. By integrating these assessments, I empower organizations to unlock their full potential, aligning individual strengths with team objectives. This results in optimized team performance, increased job satisfaction, and a more harmonious work environment. My services include detailed assessment administration, personalized interpretation, and strategic guidance to ensure that your team can effectively leverage these insights for long-term success.
Align your business strategy and your talent strategy to achieve your desired business results.
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Certified Nonprofit Professional

Are you a nonprofit facing resource constraints and in need of expert assistance? At Legacy, we specialize in empowering nonprofits like yours. I am a Certified Nonprofit Professional with a deep understanding of the unique challenges in the nonprofit sector. As such, I offer targeted services to help you thrive. Our expertise encompasses designing and implementing tailored training for your board and staff, establishing effective remote work policies, strategic planning, workshop and retreat facilitation, virtual volunteer management, and executive coaching. These services are specifically crafted for nonprofits seeking affordable, expert advice to enhance their operations and impact. By choosing Legacy, you're not just getting a consultant; you're gaining a partner dedicated to helping you achieve your vision and better serve your stakeholders. Take advantage of our 20% discount for nonprofits and contact us for an initial consultation. Let's work together to bring your nonprofit's goals to fruition with affordable expertise.

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