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Communicating the Complex

This Workshop Will Give You The Ability To...


  1. Identify key components of effective messages.

  2. Deliver powerful presentations, to unique audiences that focus on your desired outcomes.

  3. Understand how to persuade and influences audience members.

  4. Design engaging presentations using visual aids, like PowerPoint or Prezi.

  5. Deliver clear presentations.

  6. Construct presentations that use story-telling to bring topics to life.

Communicating The Complex

Communicating The Complex

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Overview of Topic

Have you ever felt like you are not being heard? Is your message constantly misunderstood? Or, are you just looking for help organizing, developing and delivering powerful presentations that inspire, motivate and provide accurate information? If you answered yes to any of these questions, this workshop is for you. This workshop helps participants develop and create presentations that influence audience members. This workshop is also great for those looking for public speaking fundamentals like nonverbal communication, vocal pitch and tone, audience analysis, self-presentation and basic messaging.



This workshop can be tailored to any audience group (or, even, individuals looking for presentation coaching). Corporate audiences may find this workshop appropriate for helping a team develop an effective business presentation. Local organizations and non-profits may find the ability to reach varying stakeholders, like donors, appealing. Individuals, looking for a public speaking refresher, or individual coaching, would also benefit from this session. This workshop is available as a half-day, full-day, or multi-day offering.

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