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Leading and Managing a Multigenerational Team

This Workshop Will Give You The Ability To...


  1. Identify key differences between generations.

  2. Develop strategies to engage different generations in the workplace.

  3. Understand how to influence and motivate employees.

  4. Maximize organizational culture to utilize talent.

  5. Manage and onboard talent.

Generation Z

Generation Z

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Overview of Topic

Recently, Pew research center reexamined, and ultimately changed, the birth year spectrum for millennials. Pew changed the end year for millennials to 1996. How does this impact you—it means the next generation, generation Z, has already infiltrated your workplace. Gen Z does have some similar characteristics to millennials but they are still unique. They are entrepreneurial, concerned, deeply, about social justice and cause-related action, and, if you thought millennials were tech-savvy, Gen Z are on a different level. This “gamer” generation loves YouTube and content creation. In some ways, Gen Z may be easier to manage because they want to boost their people skills. But, it is important to still have an understanding about how to reach this generation effectively. Your organization will soon be populated by Gen Y (millennials) and Gen Z. This session will address broad generational differences but also specifically how to recruit, retain, and effectively utilize Gen Z talent.


This workshop is perfect for organizations who want to grow in their understanding of generational differences, especially Generation Z. Entire units and departments, or management groups would benefit from this session. Individuals looking for a broader understanding of generational differences may also benefit. ​

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