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Maximizing Millennials

This Workshop Will Give You The Ability To...


  1. Identify key differences between generations.

  2. Develop strategies to engage different generations in the workplace.

  3. Understand how to influence and motivate millennial employees.

  4. Maximize organizational culture to utilize millennial talent.

  5. Manage and onboard millennial talent.

Maximizing Millennials

Maximizing Millennials

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Overview of Topic

Millennials are unique.  Unlike the Silent Generation, they are viewed as entitled with a minimal work ethic.  Unlike the Boomers, money and consumerism are not as important or necessary.  Unlike Gen X, Millennials are collaborative and want to hear the other and be heard. These unique generational traits make Millennials a target for discomfort and their unique wiring presents challenges to the status quo and, maybe more importantly, potential misunderstandings with members of other generations (especially in the workplace). Sadly, the millennial reputation has become routine fodder for jokes and sly remarks.


You’ve heard it all-Millennials are lazy, entitled, high maintenance (and they are) but they are also networked, well-traveled and really tech-savvy. Your organization has probably become over-run with millennials-if it isn’t, it will be. This session will address broad generational differences but also specifically how to recruit, retain, and effectively maximize millennial talent.


This workshop is perfect for organizations who want to grow in their understanding of generational differences, especially millennials. Entire units and departments, or management groups would benefit from this session. Individuals looking for a broader understanding of generational differences may also benefit. ​

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