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Simple: The Art and Science of Communicating Research

This Workshop Will Give You The Ability To...


  1. Devise a strategy to pitch your ideas

  2. Translate your research to lay-audiences

  3. Develop powerful presentations that reinforce your core scholarly findings

  4. Message your research for maximum impact

  5. Prepare conversational and translation research-based messages

The Academic in Public

The Academic in Public

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Overview of Topic

Have you wanted to launch yourself out of the so-called ivory tower and into the public sphere? Scholars have an incredible opportunity to engage and influence the narrative around complex issues. Your research is well thought out, valuable, and necessary-but, in order for your research to impact the greater good, it must be translatable and easy to understand.   



This workshop is perfect for academics in any disciplines looking to start a conversation and develop an initial strategic plan to take research and scholarly findings to the public. This workshop is available for large or small faculty groups or individuals looking for personal coaching. This session is also perfect for conference and/or keynote preparation.

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