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Human Skills for an Artificial World
Legacy Communication Training and Consulting, L. L. C.

Reach Your Goals and Unlock the Power of Effective Communication 

Learner-Centered Training, Client-Focused Consulting, and Personalized Coaching from a Communication Expert

Discover my journey and ideas as a TEDx speaker, where I address Generational Agnosticism. My TEDx presentation is a testament to my expertise and passion for overcoming generational differences in the workplace.

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Workshops and Seminars





I've had the pleasure of working with Michael on more than one occasion and found him to be extremely down to earth and easy to work with. He has the unique ability to bring complex topics to the bottom shelf for all to reach. We asked him to invest in our team and he over delivered every step of the way. Coming from one who works with a variety of training professionals, I highly recommend Michael Strawser and Legacy Communication!

-Chad Doerr, Leadership Speaker and Trainer


Training Testimonial

As a seasoned trainer I offer a diverse range of workshops and seminars designed to enhance professional skills. Some topics include "Communication Skills," aimed at improving interpersonal and organizational communication, "Generational Differences and the Multigenerational Workplace," which focuses on navigating the challenges of a diverse age range in the workplace, and "Communication for Leaders," tailored for those in leadership roles to effectively convey their vision. Additionally, "Leadership Skills" and "Public Speaking Skills" workshops are offered to empower individuals to lead teams and present confidently. For those dealing with written communication, "Business Writing and Email Etiquette" is essential. The "Leading and Managing a Remote Team" seminar addresses the unique challenges of remote leadership. For researchers, "Simple: The Art and Science of Communicating Research" simplifies complex information for wider audiences. "Technology Ready Nonprofit" prepares nonprofit organizations for technological advancements, and "Teaching and Learning" is my version of Train the Trainer. Each of these topics is crafted to meet the evolving demands of today's professional landscape, ensuring participants are well-equipped to excel in their respective fields.

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